Earth Sky Gate

Sky Gate project is a mixed land use project, which consists of Retail spaces, Entertainment spaces, Apartment & Boutique Hotel along with Piazzas for a whole new experience for the visitors.

1.     Location: Sector‐88, Gurgaon.

2.     Plot Size: 13 Acres (Tentative Area).

3.     FAR Area (Achieved): 9, 90,993 Sq.ft (Tentative Area).

4.     Super Area (Approx): 15, 41,330 Sq.ft (Tentative Area).

5.     Project Type: Mixed Land Use Project.

6.     Principal Consultant: Sikka Associates Architects.

7.     Entertainment & Theme Consultant: M/s Sanderson Group International.


Sanderson Group has been engaged to furnish the following consultancy services:

a)     Theme Design.

b)     Entertainment Design – Indoor & Outdoor including rides and attractions

c)     Master Plan Design & Landscape Concept Design.

d)     Mascot Development and suggestion of Names of the Proposed Theme Destination for Marketing Advertisement and Branding purposes.

e)     Kids Zone Design.